The Single-Best Bronzer for Pale Skin 

The Single-Best Bronzer for Pale Skin 
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"Wow, your skin looks really good today," was not the comment I was expecting out of my coworker's mouth last week. The night before, I'd suffered a random bout of insomnia and banked maybe three hours of sleep. In the morning, I looked about as bad as I felt. The color had drained from my already super-pale complexion. So, I did what any other reasonable person would do in this situation: I swept on bronzer with abandon.

Normally, that's a dangerous game for someone with my Elizabethan skin to play—most bronzing formulas look artificial and cheesy on me, and make me feel like a toddler dressed up for a dance recital. But this particular one, Tom Ford Large Bronzing Powder in Terra ($95;, is different.

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The powder is so sheer and the pigment is so perfectly tawny and un-orange, that even dusting it on with my eyes closed (which is basically what I did) results in a natural-looking finish. The fact that it could so vastly improve my sleep-starved face that it made someone actually think my skin looks good (not my makeup), however, is a talent I've only just discovered.

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