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The Best Boozy Popsicle Recipes

The Best Boozy Popsicle Recipes
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The humidity’s rising and you don’t have access to a pool. Typically, we’d just bust out a nice big bottle of chilled rosé and call it a day.

Or ... a fancy-schmancy (and so darn easy) recipe for boozy popsicles. Here, a few of our favorites.

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Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles (pictured above)

Sweet wine + strawberries = our happy place.

Get the recipe here.

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French 75 Popsicles

Reclaiming Provincial

The ladylike way to savor your gin.

Get the recipe here.

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Iced Tea Sangria Pops

Kirbie's Cravings

You guys. It’s sangria. On a stick. Get involved.

Get the recipe here.

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