Bella Thorne's Coachella Beauty Strategy and the One Festival Trend She Just Can’t Get Behind

Bella Thorne's Coachella Beauty Strategy and the One Festival Trend She Just Can’t Get Behind
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Birchbox
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The first rule of Coachella beauty trends? There are no rules! From unicorn-hued hair to intricate braids, anything in line with the boho-chic aesthetic is sure to fit right in on the festival grounds, and as a fourth-year veteran to the festivities, Bella Thorne plans to take an extra effortless approach.

"I go pretty low-maintenance. Once I'm already in Coachella and the photo has been taken, I kind of don't care what I look like, and neither does anyone else, I'm sure," she told InStyle at the Birchbox lounge. "I don't really worry about things like, oh I need to touch up my lip gloss---we're raging, okay! We're not worried about what we look like!"

Of course, that doesn't mean her favorite beauty staples won't be stashed in her handbag for any mid-concert needs. The star plans to keep the Neutrogena Color Stick in Very Berry ($9;, a Neutrogena SPF ($11;, and Evian water spray ($14 for two; on hand just in case she happens to go a little too hard dancing to Yellow Claw, AC/DC, or The Weekend.

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As for festival trends, don't expect to see the star in a braided updo this year. In the eternal debate over flower crowns versus crown braids, Thorne actually found the latter style to be more fussy mid-mosh. "I like flower crowns better, because I wore a braid yesterday, and was trying to get down, and I couldn't because of it! We were literally in one of the tents watching Flying Lotus, and I was trying to fix my braid half the time," she says. "I started undoing it, and my friend asked me, 'What are you doing?' I was just like, 'Trying to take out my braid, because I can't rage like this.'" Looks like she has her priorities straight!

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