Balenciaga Wants to Sell You a $1,100 Shopping Bag


After debuting mugs and eye masks and even a bright blue Ikea-like bag of late, fashion house Balenciaga has debuted yet another head-scratching item—a Balenciaga shopping bag.

No, we don't mean a bag designed by Balenciaga that can hold a lot. We literally mean an accessory that looks like the paper bags that are typically used to carry out other merchandise.


This bag isn't paper, though. It's 100% calfskin, and it has pockets and high-quality design just like a typical Balenciaga bag, it only looks different. But that's the beauty of Balenciaga's unconventional fashion point-of-view.

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Even though the bag is pretty cool, we do have a few questions. If you buy a Balenciaga shopping bag, do you get an actual Balenciaga shopping bag to put your purchase in? If you buy two, does that mean you'll walk away with four?

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We may never know.


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