Need Valentine's Day Advice? Ayesha Curry Is Here to Help

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Ayesha Curry has a lot to look forward to this Valentine’s Day. The cookbook author and lifestyle pro is, of course, spending some quality time with her husband Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry. But this year, it seems that Steph is really stepping up his V-Day game.

“My cookbook came out in September, so he’s actually going to cook dinner for me—four courses—from the book,” Ayesha told us when she stopped by our N.Y.C. offices last week to chat about her partnership with Glad’s Glad To Give Program. “We’ll see how it goes! Stephen only cooks once in a blue moon, but as long as the love is there, that’s all that really matters to me.”

For the NBA power couple, setting aside a few hours for a romantic dinner is easier said than done, especially with Stephen’s game schedule, Ayesha’s Food Network show, Ayesha’s Homemade, and their busy life at home with daughters Riley, 4, and Ryan, 1.

Though they’ve been married since 2011, Curry says that this will be the first Valentine’s Day that the two will be away from the basketball court. “The tables have sort of turned this year because I have a taping for my show and he will be with me during the day,” she says. “That’s going to make it even more memorable.”

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When it comes to gifts, the duo keep it relatively low-key. Instead of diamonds or chocolates, Curry says that she’d love to get something simple and heartfelt like a hand-written note. And for her husband? She also tries to get creative.

“He’s the most difficult person to buy for. Most men are sneakerheads, but he has his own sneakers so I’m SOL. And then they have their own team luggage, so I can’t get him a travel bag. So usually I resort to [making him] some sort of sexy coupon book,” she says. “I’m telling you, the handmade stuff goes a long way.”

To hear Ayesha Curry chat about her Valentine's Day Plans and more, watch the video above.


If you'd ask me, I'd say, like, I'm not, it's fine, like Valentine's Day is cool. If you ask my husband, he'd probably be like, no, she loves Valentine's Day, and she expects the world. [MUSIC]. But ultimately, I feel like Valentine's Day is just about like. Like feeling the love and so as long as that is there, it should be there 365 days a year, but as long as that day you're made to feel extra loved, I feel like I'm cool. Like a hand-written not goes an extra long way. [MUSIC] I am definitely a planner. He'll strategically ask me what I want to do, so he can't mess it up. You know my cookbook came out in September, and so this year he's gonna actually be cooking dinner for me. Four courses out of the book. We will see how it goes. [MUSIC] My gosh, he is the most difficult person to buy for. So most guys love sneakers, most Men are sneaker heads, and love a good pair of kicks. He has his own sneakers, and so I'm just like SOL. And then they have their team luggage, so I can't get him a travel bag. So I usually resort to some sort of sexy coupon book. I'm telling you, the handmade stuff goes a long way. [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]
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