Ashley Graham Is Wearing This Pretty $54 Dress to Coachella—and You Can, Too

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If, like us, you’re planning your Coachella looks weeks in advance, Ashley Graham has one chic suggestion for your music festival fashion. The model took to Instagram on Wednesday to give us a sneak preview of her Coachella look, and (bonus!) it only costs $54.

“Coachella fittings!!” she captioned the post, in which Graham looked chic in a sheer off-the-shoulder dress from her collection with Dressbarn ($54; The gorgeous black dress features a thigh-high slit, minimal pink floral pattern, and ankle-grazing length, perfect to show off what are sure to be some killer shoes.

While the dress does come with a knee-length black slip underneath, it looks like Graham hiked it up to show off her figure, making it even more festival-appropriate. Now all she needs is a choker and a flower crown and she’ll be ready to hit the Coachella grounds.

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April 14 can’t come soon enough.


[MUSIC] Hey guys, it's Ashley Graham and I'm gonna take you through a few of my favorite Instagrams and tell you a little story about each photo. [MUSIC] The first photo is me on a bike, very happy, smiling Energetic and I happen to have some cellulite showing on the back of my thigh. And I say a little cellulite never hurt nobody. Stop judging yourself. Embrace the things that society has called ugly. If you're just looking at this photo, I didn't even see the cellulite right away. And I know that there are so many women out there who Hate the back of their thighs, they hate their arms because they're cellulite, the hate the top of their knees because they're cellulite. And, I just want women to know that cellulite should not control your life and imperfections as society has called that should also not take over your life. So this one is truly the most epic moment of my life. I am still speechless. I still have to pinch myself and say am I really on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Yeah. I know that night it changed my life and I also know that it opened up America's eyes to what beauty truly is. Here I am on vacation, chilling, trying to take a selfie of my whole bikini because I designed it. I really felt like there was no string bikinis for curvy big girls. So I told swim suits for all that I wanted to design some. [MUSIC] Basically Beyonce and I are best friend cuz we met twice in one week. I only got one photo with her because I didn't want to be thirsty. But yeah, I call her B, she calls me Ash, we hang out sometimes. Sometimes at her concert, when I look at her. [MUSIC] Now that I am a Supermodel. I hang out with only supermodels, yeah right. But in this photo, Lilly Aldridge and Gigi Hadid basically took me under their wing in the Sports Illustrated Week and they are fabulous, amazing, gorgeous women. Women, and I'm just happy to know them. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @theashleygraham. And also catch me on Snapchat for that real personal story every day. [MUSIC]
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