The $3 Hair Product Ariana Grande's Stylist Uses on Her Signature Ponytail 


Ariana Grande's famous sky-high ponytail may seem like the work of professionals (or magic), but, really, she has a secret styling weapon—and it only costs $3.

The singer's hairstylist Chris Appleton revealed some of his best hair tricks for styling Grande's signature 'do to E! News, and, shockingly, all it requires is a trip to the drug store.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

"This is something I use a lot. It's called Gorilla Snot. It's a gel," he said. "Say I wanted to do a ponytail and I wanted to do something really slick, I'd just put that on the edges. It makes it like rock solid."


After watching Grande whip her hair around while performing, we sure believe the "rock solid" part. Just don't go overboard with the "Gorilla Snot" though, as Appleton said it's really just for baby hairs, edges, and braids.

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"If you have braids and you want to lay your edges down or if you want to make sure that ponytail is super sleek use a tiny little drop of it," he said.

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In addition to helping Grande with her hair, Appleton also works with Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Katy Perry, so he knows his stuff. Who knew a $3 gel was the key to celeb-worthy hair?


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