Anjelica Huston on What She Would Tell Her 22-Year-Old Self About Love

Anjelica Huston on What She Would Tell Her 22-Year-Old Self About Love
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Anjelica Huston has become a household name thanks to the many brilliant roles she's played throughout her career, but few roles are talked about more often than her role as Jack Nicholson’s girlfriend. The actress infamously dated the legendary playboy on and off for 17 years beginning in the ‘70s. In her second memoir, Watch Me, out now, Huston chronicles her long and sometimes tumultuous relationship with the actor with refreshing candor.

"I don't think there's really a choice of whether you're going to be honest or not [when writing a memoir]," the actress tells InStyle. "One has to be honest, otherwise why bother?" That quick-witted, no-nonsense approach is present throughout Watch Me, the follow up to 2013's A Story Lately Told that picks up right where the first memoir ends, and right at the beginning of her relationship with Nicholson.

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Anjelica Huston
In the book, Huston describes first meeting the actor in 1973 and being enamored by his smile from the get-go. And although she discovers his cheating ways from the very beginning (after Nicholson cancelled their first official date, Huston runs into him at a restaurant the same night with his ex-girlfriend), she continues on with their relationship. So what would the now 63-year-old actress tell her 22-year-old self if she could go back in time? "Don't be an idiot!" she laughs. "Don't be so clueless. But you know we all go through our own experiences and maybe, you know, if I had chosen another way the relationship wouldn't have been what it was."

The actress does admit that she has a few regrets when it comes to her relationship with Nicholson. "I wish I had been a bit stronger, that I'd had more self confidence. That I'd had the confidence to not care whether I scared someone away or not." That being said, Huston is wary to give advice to young girls who may find themselves in a relationship with a philandering partner. "I think that's up to the individual," she says, although she does have a few words of wisdom: "Don't let yourself get hurt too much. Be kind to yourself."

Watch  Me is available now. Pick up your copy ($20, plus see more vintage photos of Huston below.

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Anjelica Huston
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