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Rachel Crocetti
Oct 22, 2015 @ 7:30 am

The third episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, titled "Mommy," brought even more vampires, fashion, and love triangles to the season. Wednesday night's show opened up to junkie-model-turned-vampire Tristan Duffy (Finn Wittrock) chatting with the original owner of Hotel Cortez, Mr. March (Evan Peters) about all the torturous devices and chambers built into the "murder palace."

The conversation with the mustached serial killer is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Naomi Campbell as fashion editor Claudia Bankson and new hotel owner Cheyenne Jackson's Will Drake. Claudia is staying at the hotel, but clearly not for long. In her hotel room, she dresses for bed in an adorably frilly silk pajama set, only to be haunted by figures and faces everywhere she turns. When she goes to lie down in bed, lo and behold, another figure is hiding in the mattress and hands reach out to choke her. Our old friend, junkie Gabriel (Max Greenfield) from Episode 1, jumps out and consequently kills the fashion editor.

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We find out a lot more about Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) and his pediatrician wife, Alex (portrayed by Chloë Sevigny), as she tries to save a child who suffers from measles. A flashback tells us that Alex had a special relationship with her son Holden (Lennon Henry) who was kidnapped a few years ago, leaving her depressed and suicidal.

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At this point in the episode, we were all due for a sexy vampire scene, and we get one when Tristan comes onto Will as he reviews the old building plans for the hotel. As he prepares to stab his new conquest, Elizabeth (Lady Gaga) shows up in the doorway and motions for him to stop. He listens to his new girlfriend and abruptly leaves. Later, however, we see the Countess herself trying to seduce Will, to "marry him and take every goddamn penny of his." Judging by the new hotel owner's reaction, she seems like she might succeed.

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A huge fight between Iris (Kathy Bates) and her son, Donovan (Matt Bomer) leads Iris to ask Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson) to assist her with killing herself. We learn that in the hotel, when someone dies with "unfinished business," they wind up haunting the halls, which seems to be why Sally and Mr. March can't stay away. Sally has to make sure that Iris doesn't have any unfinished business, with the famous last words, "Don't haunt my hallways, bitch."

In the meantime, Donovan is out drinking from the blood of drug addicts on the street. He runs into Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett), an old film star who captures him and ties him up. We learn through her flashback, that she met Elizabeth in the '70s at a hotel bar, when they fell into a passionate love affair, and the vampire turned her. They stayed together all throughout the '80s but when Ramona fell in love with a hip-hop artist, Elizabeth got jealous and killed him, which meant she lost Ramona's trust forever.

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After receiving humbling advice from fabulous bartender, Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare), the episode closes out with Donovan trying to save his mother from death. When he realizes he's too late, he promptly shares his blood with her to turn her into a vampire which could only mean that there are definitely more mother-son arguments from them to come.

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In the words of Hypodermic Sally, this episode had some "twisted poetic justice," and we just can't wait to see who Elizabeth will try to seduce next—and what kind of beautifully outrageous lingerie number she'll wear while doing it. Until next week!

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