All the Details On Olivia Pope's Dark Outfits from Last Night's Scandal

All the Details On Olivia Pope's Dark Outfits from Last Night's Scandal
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What's that we see? Is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) back in her signature look on last night's Scandal? According to the show's costume designer, Lyn Paolo--kind of. We've been waiting for too many episodes to see our favorite DC fixer back in her element, but Olivia is still facing the dark realities of her recent past and it shows in her wardrobe choices.

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"Even though she looks good in her clothes, she's still struggling with PTSD," Paolo tells InStyle. "We wanted it to be true to how she would be feeling on the inside, so we kept her in dark clothes throughout the whole episode. Even the Armani coat she wears is from last season. We didn't want her to be wearing anything new."

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Another instance of dark clothing in this episode comes unexpectedly from First Lady Mellie Grant. She and the rest of the White House team are busy grooming the next Vice President. We see Mellie wearing her favorite red, white, and blues in the beginning of the episode when things are going her way, but a fight with Fitz changes everything up. "We rarely put Mellie in anything that dark, only if she is attending a funeral," Paolo explains of her black and silver Michael Kors dress. "But she's wearing dark now because she's upset with Fitz."

Next Thursday, tune in to ABC for more Scandal. Then, be sure to check back here for the fashion recap!

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