Alicia Vikander's Abs Are Insanely Chiseled in This New Bikini Pic


Alicia Vikander had to train intensely for her role as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, and it's pretty easy to tell by looking at her.

With Tomb Raider's principal photography complete, Vikander took a little break in Ibiza, and while she was at it, she showed the world her extremely toned stomach.

On Wednesday Vikander lounged on a yacht while taking in the sights with her boyfriend, actor Michael Fassbender, whom she met on the set of The Light Between Oceans in 2014. The actress wore an & Other Stories red and white polka dot bikini ($39 top, $25 bottom) that highlighted her impressive abs.

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The new Tomb Raider will follow Lara Croft before she earns her "tomb raider" title. The role requires Vikander to fill the shoes of Angelina Jolie, who played Croft in two films in the early 2000s.

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The new Tomb Raider movie starring Vikander is due to come out in March 2018.

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So Vikander, if you've got any workout tips for the rest of us, please do share.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with with InStyle Im here with the tone is up girl Karena and Katrina hello girls>hello>> and today They are gonna show us the ultimate move for getting a six-pack. Yeah, this one is so good for that waistline, so I'm gonna train both of you. And you at home, we want you to try this too. So come down into a plank position, and so your shoulders are right over your wrists. Your abs are tight, draw your belly button into your spine. That's perfect. Now bring your knee to your elbow, squeezing those obliques. So that's where you're gonna get those beautiful lines on the side. And then you alternate sides. And then what are bikini abs without a bikini booty? Yeah.>> You get a two for it right here if you want, yeah. [LAUGH] kick the foot up and work that tush. How does it feel? I mean it burns [LAUGH]. I'm glad that you're here too, that makes me feel better [LAUGH]. Keep going, good form, and we love to this move 10-20 times in about 3 sets And try doing this three days a week. You got that? Good job. That was awesome!. That was great. Good job. Good job. Our abs are ready for a bikini. [LAUGH] Thank you.
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