Alessandra Ambrosio and the Victoria’s Secret Angels Dress Up as the Wildest Cowgirls 


Already on the hunt for a unique Halloween costume? Thanks to the Victoria's Secret Angels, you now have plenty of inspiration.

On Monday, Alessandra Ambrosio and her crew of runway regulars all took to Instagram to offer a behind-the-scenes peek at what appears to be a super sultry 2017 holiday campaign. But don’t think they slipped on fuzzy red Santa Claus hats.

Instead, the Angels headed out west to Aspen, Colo., where they took on all things rodeo. Ambrosio, Martha Hunt, and Lily Aldridge posed together in barely there lingerie while also modeling chaps, cowgirl hats, and fringe-adorned jackets. They each lent a poker face to the camera, and tipped their hats forward to show off the details (think embellished belts and flawless makeup).

Wild Wild West ... 🎥 #vsholiday17

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Hats on ... 🐎#cowgirls #vsholiday17

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Ambrosio also referenced Westworld, the super popular HBO series in another shot wearing thigh-high boots.

Westworld ... 🏜🐎 #vsholiday17

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As for Hunt, she also posed with Elsa Hosk in sexy pieces in front of a mountain.

giddy up.

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Giddy up, indeed!


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