Alessandra Ambrosio's Family Vacation Is a Bikini-Filled Tropical Dream


It’s hard to see any artifact of Alessandra Ambrosio’s picture-perfect life without feeling a wave of intense FOMO, and that sentiment has never rung more true than this past weekend.

The supermodel and her adorable family—longtime boyfriend Jamie Mazur, 8-year-old daughter Anja, and 5-year-old son Noah—took a trip to the golden shores of Bora Bora, and Ambrosio, 36, has been 'gramming up a storm, making good use of the hashtag #foreveronvacation.

Let the jealousy commence:

Paradise 🏝💖 #foreveronvacation

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Sonho de verão 🌟🏝🌟 #summer17 #foreveronvacation

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Ambrosio has the cutest travel buddies!

Morning stretch .... 🏋️‍♀️💘🏝

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Tropical baby ... 🏝💖🌟 #AnjaLouise

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Before the sunrise ... 🌅🎣

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Mermaids 🐠💖💦 #foreveronvacation

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That's real

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Coconut life ... 🌴💦 #foreveronvacation #borabora

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TBH, we doubt these photos have even been edited. Alessandra is forever flawless, with or without a pore-smoothing filter.

We NEED this one-piece (shop a similar look here).


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This one, too:

Blue Lagoon 💙🐚💫 #foreveronvacation

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Oh, look, Ambrosio’s just casually swimming with sharks, as one does (?!?!).

Swimming with 🦈🦈🦈 #amazing #borabora

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Hey Alessandra, next time, do us a favor and extend the invite (insert sassy girl emoji here)... 


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