Alessandra Ambrosio's Daughter Is Already a Model in Her Adorable Ad Campaign with Mom


Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter Anja Louise is already following in her mom’s footsteps. The 9-year-old budding model was just named a new face of denim brand Jordache—alongside mom, of course.

Ambrosio and Anja are the new faces of the Jordache women’s and girls’ collections, respectively, and they’re the first mother-daughter duo to be photographed in one of the brand’s campaigns.


In the adorable joint image, the 9-year-old is attached to mom’s hip—quite literally! Anja balances on her mom’s leg, while the Victoria’s Secret Angel makes holding up her daughter look utterly effortless. In another campaign image, Ambrosio smolders in a white tee and dark-wash jeans.


“Jordache is an iconic denim brand that speaks to a wide audience in a truly positive way. For me, to be able to sheet with my daughter and show her that we can work together and have fun only highlights my belief that women are creating more space and balance in their family and professional lives and also becoming more multi-dimensional. Doing it all in a pair of great jeans makes total sense!” Ambrosio said in a release.

“This beautiful mother-daughter duo reflects the iconic Jordache look: vibrant, playful, and fun in a multi-generational way. Together, they represent not only one of the hottest faces in fashion but also the next generation of fashion,” Liz Berlinger, president of Jordache, added.

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Anja certainly has some talented shoes to fill: Mom, Ambrosio, is a model, while her dad, Jamie Mazur, is a musician. The 9-year-old has both posed with mom and sang with dad. One thing’s for sure: She has a bright future ahead.


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