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Tess Kornfeld
Oct 24, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

Adele fans, rejoice! After three long years, the time has finally come: Adele will return with new music this year. She just dropped her latest single, “Hello," and the rest of her make-up-with-herself-inspired record, 25, will follow November 20. To celebrate the new track and her impending album release, we’ve rounded up seven of her best musical performances. Because there’s nothing better than Adele singing than Adele singing live. Scroll down, and keep a box of tissues close. You’ll need ‘em.

1. Rolling in the Deep, at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, 2012


2. Chasing Pavements, on NPR Tiny Desk Concert, 2011


3. Skyfall, at the 85th Academy Awards, 2013

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4. Someone Like You, at the Royal Albert Hall, 2011


5. Make You Feel My Love, on David Letterman, 2011


6. Take it All, at iTunes Festival, 2011


7. Crazy for You, at Hub Combo BBCRadio 6, 2008


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