The Best Celebrity Instagrams from the 59th Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards

We live for awards shows, but we have to be honest: the social media posts both during and after the events truly make the evening memorable. The 59th Grammy Awards had its share of social moments, with live performances that will literally go down in history.

Luckily for us, we'll be able to channel all the emotions we felt mid-show because of the slew of celeb Instagram posts from the night. From the attendees who were just there for the fun (and after-parties of course), to performers who captured their moments off-stage, there were too many good pictures to count. And since we weren't among the lucky people in the audience, this is the closest we're going to get to the big night. But of course, there's always next year!

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Here, our favorite Instagram moments from last night's Grammys.

mathews babies

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This one 👸❤🤘killin it tonight like girls do

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Grammys. Beyonce. Done. @jasonderulo @johnlegend

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We Love you Prince

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More Love @champagnepapi

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[MUSIC] Moving on to some of our favorite looks. Beyonce's sister keeping it in the family. Solange [UNKNOWN] a pleated metallic gown, looking every bit the winner she was tonight. What did you love about this dress? I just think it's so fun. Metallic's having a moment it's on the runway and I Just think, if you're gonna do it, the Grammys is the time to do it. And I think it's just cool, she makes a statement, she looks great. Big statement, the big shoulder thing there, what do you think [CROSSTALK] I just think this is one of those that was just too much of too much. Like- [LAUGH] The metallic is fine, I love metallic. I think every girl should have some metallic in her wardrobe definitely, it's very of the moment. The shoulder, the raffle, the pemblom it's just a lot like if she had just taken some part of the top tip off. Ban you're saying like she actually we show Saw that Beyonce thing, [CROSSTALK] That was the message from the Solange [UNKNOWN] Beyonce. [LAUGH] Like they were giving you team too much tonight. Okay, let's move on to this Jenny from the block donned a pale pink gown for tonight's festivities. Her tool collar was a great touch next to her plunging neckline. JLo never disappoints, does she? I loved it because it's giving me everything I want. I mean, JLo is a 40-something year old woman, on the other half of 45. And she looks more and more spectacular every year. And this was a bit of a departure for JLo because she is usually giving you power ****. But this is very soft for her. [LAUGH] It is soft for her. Yeah. She usually does something a little like, it's still sexy, but a little sexier. It's pretty. It's soft. It's Ralph and Rousseau. She looks beautiful. Yeah. [UNKNOWN] looks of the night I think. [CROSSTALK] It's soft is exactly right, yeah. All right, moving onto Paris Jackson. So she's already landing on some of the best dressed lists for First night including ours. Look at this striped [UNKNOWN] on jump suit. I mean, is this the start of Harris' style stardom? What do you guys think? What do you mean? I think so, I think she's really like, she took her time. And she's coming out having a breakout moment. It's really cool, Jeremy Scott. What a cool designer. It seems very perfect for her age I think she looks great. Age appropriate's a good way of putting it, and I think that's a super intentional look, isn't it? I mean, that's something that you set out to make kind of a statement there with that look. Yeah, she just was on the cover of Rolling Stone a few weeks ago, and her article, she made a lot of big statements in that article, and I think we're seeing Paris. This is again, an announcement to the world, she's here, she's not going anywhere. She wants to be a model, possibly perform as well. So I think tonight was one of her first big fashion moments. But we're gonna be seeing a lot of her [CROSSTALK] All right, gonna talk Lea Michele. She was one of the first people to hit the red carpet, probably to show off this dress. I mean, who doesn't love a good two piece here. What do you guys think of this Roberto Cavalli high-neck halter dress? Do you love it? I love this look from the neck down. But the make-up I found a little off-putting. What did you think? Really? The red eye trend is not one that I'm going for. [LAUGH] And it's happened before. It's happening again. Yeah. Yes. I'm like If you actively try to avoid pink eye, that's like the last type of look you're going for. We talked about earlier tonight though, the whole sort of seeing skin. This is the show where you can take risks and see more skin. And when you got abs like that, you got to show them and she does a good job of it [INAUDIBLE]. Right, I love it. I think it's It's beautiful. Yeah. All right, Laverne Cox, really did it up for her first Grammy. She wasn't just presenting a Grammy, she was also presenting gladiator vibes. Yes. Were you vibing with her vibes? What do you think? I have to say that Laverne, this one came to play. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] To play She cam to play, yes, and to sleigh. Thank you. [LAUGH] And she did both. I like that high, I Dream of Jeanie ponytail. I like the side being just open and exposed. It's just sexy enough without being vulgar. I really like it. I like it. And it's rock and roll. Yeah, it is rock and roll. Kinda Gladiator-ish. Yeah, well Maren Morris was definitely stunning in her Grammy's red carpet debut. The 26 year old country singer is wearing Michael Costello to show off some serious leg here. I mean, I love this look, I think it's super pretty. What did you ladies think? I loved it, she looks It's beautiful, the color's bold, it's pretty. It seems like a modern combination of sort of the lacy thing, almost this lingerie vibe. Is that right, can I say that? Well, this is covering her, but, I mean, this I mean that's [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, right. So, that's great. They fit, [INAUDIBLE] wasn't so popular this evening, but it looked really good on her. That wine [UNKNOWN] Cabernet color, I liked that on her. Yeah, congratulations to her as well for being awarded for music and everything she does, so great. Carrie Underwood was red hot in this cleavage baring Ellie Mody gown. Can we just say, Queen, and I don't know. [LAUGH] Her famous legs were also clearly visible. Is this shear gown her best yet, what do you think? And look I'm not the only one to talk about those legs. Everyone, is talking about it. I hear you laughing at me. Okay, Jeremy. [LAUGH] Come on? During her performance, you can see those calves For miles away. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] You just wanna be left alone with the video, Corey. I'm stuck. You can turn off the lights. And I really love this look on her. I thought it was super fierce. Agreed. The diamond cutout in the middle. Agreed, she looks- Yeah, I think she looks really great. We're moving on to a show host James Corden. He wore a light colored jacket for his Big night. He later took off his pants on stage. [LAUGH] How are you liking this [UNKNOWN] look? Yes, I am, actually. He, too, took a risk in terms of color. He could've easily just showed up in a black tux and no one would have been the wiser. But->> And we saw later when his shoes came off. He had matching like pink-ish socks on. Yeah. [LAUGH] So just coordinating, the man's a coordinator through and through. And I think that's a good. I guess I like men who they stray from the obvious. All right, so who is jealous of Nick Jonas' Head to toe by my look. So jealous. [CROSSTALK] I don't know if I'm jealous of it. I'm jealous of him for many things, I don't know about. To me this one was like Three Musketeers. I don't know. are you liking the rocker vibe from him? Where's that photo of him without the pants on? Yeah that was his [CROSSTALK] right. That's the photo we need to see. [LAUGH] But this that with like this studded beaded out thing Thing, I mean I like it. [CROSSTALK] Landon? Absolutely, I think it's fun. And it's the Grammy's and it is rocker, so why not. By the way, let's just preface it by saying, everyone, all these ladies were swooning over him from the moment we saw his Instagram earlier. [CROSSTALK] I don't care what he showed up in, whether this jacket or anything else. We're just saying we liked the picture where you could see his whole leg. [LAUGH]
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