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5 Ways to Up Your Lunch Game This Year

5 Ways to Up Your Lunch Game This Year
Courtesy of Food52
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Below is an excerpt from “5 Ways to Up Your Lunch Game This Year,” which originally appeared on Food52. Read the full story at

It's 1:00 PM and the ham and cheese sandwich you cobbled together last night is looking soggier by the minute, or worse, you sacrifice half of your lunch hour to wait in line at the overpriced salad spot on the corner. It's safe to say we all have some lunch regrets, but last year's brown bag is this year's trophy lunch. We revisited the best of last year's Not Sad Desk Lunches to bring you our favorite lunch tips -- because bad work lunches are so 2014.

For the full how-to, check out "5 Ways to Up Your Lunch Game This Year" on Food52.

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