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Jennifer Merritt
Feb 02, 2016 @ 9:30 am

While we look to the runways at New York Fashion Week for what we’ll be wearing next season, we look to the street style stars outside the tents to see what we should be wearing now. Some of our favorite pieces to scope out? The accessories. Leading up to the big event, running February 10-18, we did some research to discover just what will be trending with NYFW’s sartorial set this year. Here’s what we found out:

The Wide Cuff

Cuffs are more versatile than they might look at first glance—clinch one high up your arm or let it dangle at your wrist. Either way, you’ll look chic. Consider Tiffany’s strikingly graphic take on the trend, from its Atlas Collection.

The Delicate Pendant

Pendants add a dose of modern glam to any look. In this year’s front row, the trend we’ll be seeing is the more petite, the better. Try on Tiffany’s Smile Pendant, from its Tiffany T Collection, for size. 

The Wrap Ring

No need to go through the trouble of ring stacking—who has the time to make sure they stay put while jetting from show to show? Instead, opt for a wrap ring, like this diamond-studded one from Tiffany’s T Collection, for ease and elegance.

The Bangle

Alone, a bangle is simple and sophisticated. Stacked, the delicate dazzlers offer a refined edge. A glam choice? Tiffany’s Open Narrow Bangle from the jeweler’s Atlas Collection.

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