16 of the Best Hashtags Ever, Straight from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram

16 of the Best Hashtags Ever, Straight from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram
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Need a laugh? Style tips? Daily gym motivation delivered directly to your social media feed? The Rock's Instagram has you covered. The Furious 7 star continuously churns out the most double-tap-worthy gems on the Internet.

We aren't the only one falling in love with the buff-bodied action star's feed. When we asked Anna Kendrick to put together a list of all her social media must-follows, The Rock was at the top of her list. "You also have to follow Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) or you just aren't living," she told us. "His tweets are the most positive, inspiring things."

Still need convincing? As it turns out, The Rock is the Shakespeare of hashtags.

Yes, The Rock has an amazing selfie game and his behind-the-scenes coverage is second to none, but what we really love about his social media prowess are his hashtags. Often absurd and always delightful, he delivers priceless, buzzy bite-sized life lessons, one-liners, and fashion tips. Basically, The Rock's hashtags are the way we want to live our lives—full of adventure, love, and #NoFannyPacks.

Read on for our 16 favorites and get ready to double-tap every single one of them.

We can't wait to see the star-studded Lip Sync Battle premiere on April 2nd, especially after spotting The Rock's selfie with rival Jimmy Fallon. The tough guy will be tapping into his inner Taylor Swift to perform "Shake It Off" since, #RockLovesHimSomeTayTay.

The Rock proves that even tough guys love festive pajamas, Christmas karaoke, and not taking themselves too seriously.

The Rock, despite not being a Kardashian, broke the Internet last year with a #tbt picture that launched a thousand Halloween costumes. Since then, he frequently hashtags his #OOTD snaps with #NoFannyPacks to remind his fans that everyone has an awkward ugly duckling phase.

The Rock is so magnanimous with his attention that he takes time to give every the smallest fans some much-needed motivation. Case in point: his pep talk for a turtle below.

He's seconds away from being my lunch... #TurtleSoup #BellyOfTheBeast #CountryBoysCanSurvive

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

Ever the art lover, The Rock compared muscles with a piece from Jeff Koons's Popeye series while in New York City.

Yup, size matters. #BicepsAndRoses #WME #NewYorkCity #TakinCareOfBusiness

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on

What was inside 15-year-old Rock's bedroom? Bet you didn't guess faux bearskin wall decor, but The Rock's hashtag proved otherwise.

Declaring himself a "#LongArmSelfieKing," The Rock stopped to take snaps with his fans in Beijing.

The Rock sums up his most important life lesson is one hashtag: #BeNiceAndExfoilate.

#TellMeHowHandsomeIAmWoman #YouBetterSayVery
When The Rock asks you how handsome he is, #YouBetterSayVery! He put his makeup artist to the test while prepping for a Fortune photo-shoot.

Proving that it would take A LOT of tryptophan to take down The Rock, the star posed with his adorable Mom post Thanksgiving dinner.

While singing "Deck the Halls" to President Obama and the First Family for the Christmas in Washington television special, the action star posted a hashtag claiming he could out-perform One Direction. Since there is a new opening in their lineup, is it too much to hope that The Rock joins the boy band on their next tour?

The Rock appreciates fan impressions of him—especially when it's Victoria Justice (aka #MsVictoriaIsABadAss) who masters the all-important #EyebrowAndTongueControl that are his signatures.

#IDontMindGettinBitByAGator #JustDontBiteMyFace #IAlreadyExfoliated
A gator is no match for the Fast & Furious star.

#WhereKettleBellsAreMyZoloft #AndItsAlwaysCheaperThanAShrink
It should come as no surprise that The Rock is constantly at the gym (at the #IronParadise, #ClangingAndBanging, as he hashtags). Some of our favorite fitspo moments come straight from his hashtags. "#WhereKettleBellsAreMyZoloft"—ain't that the truth?

The Rock's hashtags are so versatile that they can also cause spontaneous, "awww!"-ing, like this snap from the Children's National Hospital.

Besides gym motivation, The Rock also supplies a steady stream of style inspo. One of our favorite words-of-wisdom hashtags is perfect advice for those awkward folks who never know how to pose for picture: #ItsConsideredGangstaToKeepAdjustingYourCuff. Practice that pose and you'll always look great in those candid #OOTD ’grams.

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