17 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed with Private Planes

17 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed with Private Planes
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Talk about the high life!

Being an A-lister comes with its share of pretty sweet perks. Among them, traveling by private jet is one of the ultimate status symbols. Whether it be industrialists, movie stars, or media tycoons, what separates these elite members are their quality of life. They can jet around the globe to their various mansions in comfort, whenever they want and in total privacy, avoiding the hassles of flying in cramped quarters with the common folk. For the rest of us, an occasional flight in business class or *gulp* even first class is an event worthy of celebration, a Snapchat and/or Instagram post.

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These magnificent birds of panache not only provide state of the art technology, but also pack some of the most sought after amenities that would make the journey of the wealthy all the more cherishable. As we ourselves love a perfectly good airplane, we decided to scour the web for well-known celebrities who not only possess an affinity towards aviation but have realized their dreams of flying via luxury jet. (Why deal with cramped airplane seats and screaming babies when you don’t have to?) Here is our list of the celebs who only fly private—for when flying first class just won't do.

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