Travel Like an Editor: What InStyle’s Claire Stern Packed for Her Trip to Portugal

Travel Like an Editor: What <em>InStyle</em>’s Claire Stern Packed for Her Trip to Portugal
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In this feature, InStyle's Associate Editor Claire Stern documents what she packed for her trip to Portugal.

My mom grew up in five different countries, so I'm very lucky that both she and my dad instilled a love of travel in me at a very young age. Whenever I go on big trips, it's usually under their wing, and our collective itineraries could give Frommer's a run for their money. Suffice it to say, the bar is high for any international excursion.

After some deliberation, I landed on Portugal—specifically Lisbon and Porto—as my destination(s) of choice. Why? Because spring break, and everyone seems to be buzzing about the country's rich history, majestic façades, fresh fish, and delicious vino (port wine is produced exclusively in Porto's Douro Valley region).

Here's what I managed to fit in my carry-on.

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