I Traveled to Monaco Like an Instagram Celebrity—And You Can, Too

I Traveled to Monaco Like an Instagram Celebrity—And You Can, Too
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Flytographer: Lucille in Monaco

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, “Sigh, where did I go wrong in life?” Join the club. While following your favorite fashion and travel bloggers can provide some great life #inspo, it can also elicit some serious FOMO. Can you even imagine what it’s like having your own photographer follow you around in an exotic location while you frolic through the streets in your favorite party dress?! Well, I can—and so can you—thanks to a company called Flytographer.

I wrote about Flytographer a few months ago when I first discovered this service, but I decided that I needed to try it for myself to provide an accurate account of the experience. Since I had a trip to Monaco planned, I figured it would be the *perfect* time to set up a solo shoot—because, as they say at Flytographer, some trips deserve more than just a selfie.

Some background in case you’re not familiar: Flytographer is a service that pairs travelers with local photographers in nearly 200 cities around the world. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the occasion—proposals, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, anniversaries, family outings, reunions, best friend trips, and even solo trips (like in my case).

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After working with their shoot concierge to iron out all the details—date, time, location, and vibe (a Pinterest board is highly recommended)—they’ll match you up with a photog and put you in touch directly so you can meet up. Not going to lie—meeting up with your Flytographer photographer is kind of like going on a Tinder date at first. I was paired with Lucille, and she told me she’d be standing in front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo in a pink backpack. I spotted her immediately, and after a quick intro and small talk, we got down to business.

Admittedly, I don’t need a whole lot of direction when it comes to shoots—I grew up acting and dancing, so having a camera in my face is a pretty familiar experience. But if you’re someone who needs a bit more direction, no worries; your photographer will take charge to make sure you’re in the best light—literally! Lucille was very particular about capturing the perfecting lighting, which is why the “golden hour” is the best time to schedule a shoot.

Warning: all my #tbts for the next few weeks will be from my @flytographerinsta shoot in Monaco. #sorrynotsorry

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The most enjoyable part of my whole Flytographer experience was having the opportunity to be my silly, quirky self. It’s important to remember you’re not Gigi Hadid posing for the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—the whole point of Flytographer is to capture a candid, fleeting moment that would have otherwise gone undocumented. Lucille encouraged me to do the things I would have normally done while exploring a new city solo—resting on a bench, taking selfies, looking off into the sunset, and so on. She was just a fly on the wall while I lived my best, most fabulous life in Monte-Carlo.

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