Smart Luggage that Makes Travel a Breeze

Smart Luggage that Makes Travel a Breeze

The days of dragging a hard-to-wheel, soft (read: easy to damage) suitcase through the airport terminal are officially over, and it’s really amazing how far luggage has come in the last 10 years. It used to be impressive when your new carry-on had a pretty key lock or extra compartments, but smart luggage is blowing those old quaint features out of the water and making traveling easier than it’s ever been, plus stylish and stress-free.

Suitcases can now help you charge your iPhone—a life-saver for any of us who have ever left for the airport with your battery on 24 percent—and also let you track them (goodbye lost luggage), lock them and weigh them, all with the push of a button (and even if you’re not near your physical bag). Plus, companies are managing to keep the bags looking sleek and cool despite adding in all these extra components. We took a look at some of the chicest new options out there—it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

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