Up Your Selfie Game with These Instagram-Worthy Hotel Experiences

Up Your Selfie Game with These Instagram-Worthy Hotel Experiences

Let’s be real—capturing an obligatory moment means the fleeting exchange of awkwardly asking strangers to snap your photo. Whilst we don’t want to deny you of this joy, we get that it’s 2016 and you’d rather just take a selfie. Who needs strangers when you have selfie sticks—it’s a collapsible rod used to extend your arm range the way Inspector Gadget would if he ever needed to take a picture of himself. Brilliant.

Fortunately, there’s no need to rely on the benevolence of passerby to capture your adventures (or your best side). Once you perfect the art of taking the flawless travel selfies, the only photographer you’ll need to rely on is yourself.

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Since the best way to spark buzz for a hotel is to get savvy millennials posting about it, hotels are capitalizing on the selfie craze by offering discounts to guests who post pictures of themselves at their properties. Now you can take your selfie on the go with new selfie-infused adventures and amenities at hotels and resorts around the world. In Florence, the Lungarno Collection beckons guests to take their selfie to new heights with elevator selfie stations at the collection's Continentale hotel on the way up to the hotel's rooftop bar, La Terrazza. For a selfie challenge, guests at Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire can compete in a Selfie Scavenger Hunt where groups will run around the resort with the goal of taking the ultimate selfie.

Here’s where you can indulge your inner narcissist and save on your next vacay. Grab your phone and get ready to deem yourself the selfie queen with these unforgettable experiences. 

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