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These Are the 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

These Are the 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco
Aubrie Pick
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Welcome to InStyle 's San Francisco! Nurturing the next gen of artists and rule breakers with every cool gray breath, the city pulses with innovation. Throughout June, we're bringing you everything you need to know and every place you need to go in S.F. 

Considering the eclectic mix of humans that call San Francisco home, it’s no surprise that this Bay Area hub is always on the cutting edge of so many new and exciting trends. And no matter how varied all these sects of San Franciscans are—from techies, to artists and everything in between—there’s a common thread that seems to unify everyone: a loving appreciation of artisanal coffee. It’s with that notion in mind that local connoisseurs have opened a wellspring of coffee shops that offer a sophisticated take on your classic cup of Joe.

Cut rate bagged beans won’t be found in these joints—not even close! And while cynics may lament at the cost associated with a delicately crafted cup, there’s no denying the craftsmanship at work here. Before your next venture in the San Francisco coffee scene, take a look at these editor-approved shops that will give you a whole new appreciation for your morning cup of liquid energy.

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