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3 Places to Get Delectable Cocktails in San Francisco

3 Places to Get Delectable Cocktails in San Francisco
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Welcome to InStyle ♥'s San Francisco! Nurturing the next gen of artists and rule breakers with every cool gray breath, the city pulses with innovation. Throughout June, we're bringing you everything you need to know and every place you need to go in S.F.

As the sun sets in San Francisco, the city’s inexplicable magic continues shining through the night. Whether you’re wrapping up a visit to SFMOMA or the latest art galleries, or finishing a day shopping in one of S.F.’s emerging neighborhoods, the best way to end your day is by winding down with a top-notch cocktail. San Francisco is home to some of the coolest mixologists, the rarest spirits, and the hottest drink trends around (hello, Fernet!). Expect plenty of handlebar-mustached, suspender-wearing hipsters pouring hand-crafted concoctions. (But don’t worry, there are craft breweries and amazing wine lists here too. Napa is just a stone’s throw away, after all.) 

Since the city is filled with creative types and techies alike, one thing bartenders certainly will not ignore is how they serve their cocktails. You’re bound to find a drink -- or two -- that’s not only delicious, but innovative as well. Grab a seat at one of these hot new bars and feel right at home. Your drink possibilities are endless. 

With reporting by Angela Salazar

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