Rashida Jones and Away Collaborate on the Sleekest Luggage Ever

Rashida Jones and Away Collaborate on the Sleekest Luggage Ever
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Away, the undisputed luggage of brand choice among celebrities, has found its latest collaborator, and while it is a famous person, it's not necessarily one you'd expect. Just in time for your imminent end-of-summer vacation, the travel company teamed up with Rashida Jones on a capsule collection of its classic minimalist rollaways in muted colors inspired by Stockholm.

Away: Edition RJ also includes a set of four packing cubes and a tote bag designed by the actress herself. Prices range from $45 for the cubes to $295 for the rollie, with a portion of proceeds going toward the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit that provides humanitarian aid for refugees. Here, more from Jones about the collab, available now at awaytravel.com.

Why Stockholm of all places?
There's just something really magical to me about Sweden. They haven't formally been part of any wars for hundreds of years, it's an incredibly old country, and they have extremely evolved attitudes towards gender equality.  

Assuming you've been, what's your favorite thing to do there? 
My No. 1 spot is Ett Hem, a beautiful hotel. It means "at home" and it genuinely feels like I'm at home when I'm there. I really love visiting the Modern Museum, too—it's so beautiful, and there's a great view of the city upstairs. There are so many inspiring female designers that I've met also: Carin Rodebjer, Kristina Tjader from House of Dagmar ... just badass smart feminists who design beautiful clothes for powerful women. I also enjoy visiting all of the little islands in Stockholm, which I just find to be so cool. All the bridges you walk over connecting the individual islands may be my favorite part. 

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What do you admire about Scandinavian design?
I have always been incredibly charmed by Scandinavian design (furniture, textiles, and architecture, clothing). Aesthetically, they've done a masterful job of combining what's great about every era of the history of their design. And they manage to do this with simplicity and elegance and discipline. All this, and it doesn't keep them from being playful! I think they do that best. 

What are some of your travel essentials?
I always try to protect my immune system, so I bring Wet Ones, I put this stuff called doTerra On Guard, which is an essential oil, on my hands to help with immunity. Then I try to wash my hands as much as I can and stay hydrated.

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What's your best travel tip?
Try not to check luggage if you're on a short enough trip—you're always better off just having your things with you. That being said, I think we underestimate the toll that carrying luggage has on us, especially if you travel a lot. Anything you can do to take bags off your back, which was the inspiration for the tote because you can cross-body it, but it also has that great slat so you can stick it over the handle of your bag and take the weight off your body.

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