Most Exotic Beaches You Can Visit All Year Round

Most Exotic Beaches You Can Visit All Year Round

Beaches are not just the curvy coastlines of a titanic sea; they remain the grounds for lustrous wildlife, exquisite greenery, romantic getaways, and an all-around luxurious experience. The good news is you don’t have to shipwreck yourself Gilligan-style to truly get away from it all. Instead, check in to one of these exotic beach resorts, where soft sand, glassy seas, and crowd-free sights come standard.

From wind and wave battered west coast beaches buffered by the Atlantic Ocean to calm coves along the Mediterranean, these beaches remain balmy for the whole year and beckon both beach and outdoors lovers alike. Harness the wind in Brazil or voyage north to the Grace Bay, where the mountains plunge into sandy bays with dazzling aquamarine water.

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Oh, and did we mention these sites are open all year round? Hurry up and make waves before the rest of the world discovers these spots. From colored sand to hidden caves, here are 11 of the most exotic beaches all around the world.

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