The 7 Best Places to See Street Art in London

The 7 Best Places to See Street Art in London
Dave Stuart
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With those 'gram-friendly red phone booths and His Royal Cuteness Prince George, our sibling across the pond doesn't lack for charm. And while you can feel the excitement of the city's young creatives turning everything from the art scene to the culinary world upside down, the equally palpable hum of history is what makes this capital truly one of a kind.

London has its fair share of museums, but some of the city's best art can be found scrawled on the walls of buildings around town. "London is famous for its world-class street art," says Dave Stuart, founder of Shoreditch Street Art Tours, a guided walking tour service located in the graffiti-heavy Shoreditch neighborhood on the East End. "Banksy made his name here and many other street artists from the U.K. and abroad use our walls to create an everchanging visual assortment of legal and sometimes not-so-legal art." Considering some pieces are challenging to find, we asked Stuart for seven highlights worth visiting on your next trip. While some of the below may have disappeared by the time you arrive, you can rest assured that there will be new things in their place. 

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