19 Products That Will Make Traveling with Kids Easier

19 Products That Will Make Traveling with Kids Easier
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The best new gear, from a smart stroller to high-tech athletic products, to alleviate some of the stress of traveling with your family.

On route to a photography assignment on the Navajo Reservation, my five-month-old and I arrived in Albuquerque around 2 a.m. The airport emptied before we made it onto the curb.

Alone in the darkness, we waited for a shuttle to the car rental center that never came. By the time I realized that everything had closed and my plan to drive four hours to the reservation was not going to happen, my cell phone died. As a travel writer, gear tester, and mother of four, high-quality, smart products have come to my rescue more than once.

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That night, it was my Raden suitcase, with two charging ports, that powered my cell phone so I could book a hotel and call a cab. Here’s the latest in well-designed, ingenious gear that my entire family, which includes four kids under 11, have put to the test.

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