Toast's 20 Summer Essentials Prove She's the Coolest Canine

Toast's 20 Summer Essentials Prove She's the Coolest Canine

Time and time again, Toast proves that she knows how to live the dog days of summer better than most people—let alone her fellow canines. Sure, her sisters Muppet and Pants are usually along for the ride, but Toast has a vision unlike any other pup when it comes to planning the ultimate beachy getaway or roaming the city streets of Manhattan in style. She’s such a pro that she even released a book, Toasthampton, with the help of her mom, The 12ish Style blogger Katie Sturino, this summer—and whether she’s she’s lounging in Italy or poolside in Montauk, the rescue pup’s adventures have kept us constantly entertained.

We recently caught up with Toast (and Sturino) to chat all things Hamptons for InStyle’s August issue, and in addition to her favorite Montauk spots, she shared some of her warm-weather must-haves. From fashion and food to fur-care and fun, we learned everything that keeps the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel living the glam life. Scroll down for 21 of her summer essentials.

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