7 Travel Makeup Cases That Are Almost Too Chic to Carry On

7 Travel Makeup Cases That Are Almost Too Chic to Carry On

We love the look of a cute makeup case on our bathroom vanity. Not only does it make our makeup look neat and organized—it's the only way to find the right eyeliner quickly. But when it comes time to travel, makeup cases become the MVP of any trip. First off, they keep us from opening our carry-ons to find an explosion of eye shadow all over our favorite jeans, and secondly, when someone else is going to see how you keep your stuff, whether it's an S.O., family member or group of close friends, you want it to look, well, presentable. 

So with New Year's Eve around the corner, we rounded up some of our favorite, must-take travel cosmetics cases (side-note: these also make great belated holiday gifts). For those not afraid of a pop of pattern, check out the cheeky copper lips on Charlotte Tilbury's cotton-canvas case, or, for a bold preppy option, there's Kate Spade's Cameron Street Abalene. If you're taking a ton of makeup with you, you'll need lots of space—the perfect job for the F1 Stewardess. Here, seven pretty picks that ensure you'll arrive in style no matter where you're headed.

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