28 Cheap Airlines Around the World

28 Cheap Airlines Around the World
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Your definitive guide to scoring cheap flights.

No one wants to overpay for flights. But with some airlines, you don’t have to hoard miles or wait for a flash sale to score cheap tickets. Low-cost carriers can save wallet-conscious travelers hundreds of dollars on airfare — if only you know where to find them.

Cheap airlines are more prevalent than ever, even offering steeply discounted rates on international flights. And there are new carriers cropping up every day, offering competitive prices on popular routes and stripped-down tickets for no-frills travelers who don’t need much to stay comfortable on a flight.

Budget airlines utilize a number of strategies to cut costs and keep ticket prices low (sometimes, flights may be 50 percent cheaper than full-service competitors). Some, like Norwegian Air and WOW, operate newer, more fuel efficient aircraft. Others, including JetBlue and RyanAir, get discounts for placing bulk orders for aircraft. When airlines save on jet fuel or airplanes, they’re able to pass on those savings to travelers.

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Strategies for selling inexpensive tickets are sometimes more obvious. Spirit Airlines, for example, has slashed already meager baggage allowances, and charges for seat selection and in-flight refreshments, including water.

Bargain airfare can be found in virtually every country — and these are the airlines every traveler needs to know about for cheap airline tickets.

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