Stay at the Bachelor in Paradise Resort for Under $200 a Night

Stay at the Bachelor in Paradise Resort for Under $200 a Night
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If you've been watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise, you've likely become familiar with the gorgeous, (occasionally) serene backdrop. When not majestically riding horses across the beach or partaking in a ritualistic virgin sacrifice, Bachelor in Paradise contestants are relaxing, drinking, flirting, and crying at Playa Escondida, a dreamy, beachfront resort situated in Sayulita, Mexico. The location served as the accommodations for last season's contestants, as well, and has become the setting for dozens of hook ups, heartbreaks, and even a proposal. Jade Roper, who got engaged to Tanner Tolbert on season one, recently uploaded an Instagram of herself gazing longingly into the ocean surrounding the hotel:

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Looking to take your own Paradise-inspired vacation? Playa Escondida offers seven different types of rooms ranging from $165 to $495 a night. For a truly authentic experience, have yourself a good cry on the sand à la Ashley I., a hot cheese pizza in honor of Josh, and a drink—or two, or three—made by the legend himself: Jorge the Bartender. BYORoses, though.

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