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Nate Berkus Is Selling His Stuff on eBay—Find Out How to Score Some of His Pieces

Nate Berkus Is Selling His Stuff on eBay—Find Out How to Score Some of His Pieces
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Spring cleaning: You either love it or hate it.

If you love it, you’ve probably never felt like the occasion is a long, laborious—maybe even painful—chore. Unfortunately, most of us are not wired that way, and the inner hoarder within us needs all the help we can get when it comes to pitching unnecessary belongings, no matter the little joy they spark. (Thanks, Marie Kondo!) To get some inspiration (and moral support) we turned to someone who is well versed in the art of the home edit: decorator Nate Berkus.

As a self-proclaimed perpetual purger, Berkus doesn’t find spring cleaning stressful, as he is constantly chipping away at his stuff throughout the year. Still, he empathizes with the rest of us. “I understand why people feel the inclination to do it at spring time,” says Berkus. “You’re throwing open the windows, letting the fresh air in, and trying to create more space in your home, which then allows you to bring in a few select things that will change the way you live in it,” he tells InStyle.

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This season Berkus has teamed up with eBay on its “Hello Spring” campaign, which highlights the site’s Valet service, designed to make the whole task to “sell your stuff” pretty effortless. “With eBay Valet you don’t have to photograph your items, or do anything,” Berkus explains. “Just put your stuff in any box, attach a pre-paid label and eBay will post, price, and sell the items for you.” It’s also an easy way to score some extra pocket money, too. “Buy some new things for spring, get a new look, take a vacation, or take your kids somewhere wonderful,” he suggests.

Or, if you’re like Berkus, your proceeds are going straight to charity. Starting tonight at 7 p.m. EST, 60 pieces from his own home will be up to bid on, and all the funds from his sales will be donated to The American Brain Tumor Association, which is an extremely meaningful foundation to the philanthropic decorator, as he lost his father to a brain tumor last year.

VIDEO: Nate Berkus Shows Us How to Stylishly Arrange Flowers

To score some great finds—and to support a worthy cause—head over to Berkus’s sale now through April 10, where you’ll find the below, plus tons more.

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