Kids Swimsuits to Buy Now

Kids Swimsuits to Buy Now
Courtesy Amber Fillerup Clark
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Amber Fillerup Clark is the beauty and brains behind Barefoot Blonde & Barefoot Blonde Hair

Living in Hawaii these past few months has been amazing for so many reasons. One of the best and most memorable aspects of our Hawaiian lifestyle has been how often we get to be at the beach as a family. These frequent beach visits have also called for an increase in swimwear shopping trips.

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I love shopping for swimsuits because of how many color patterns and unique options there are, especially for the little ones! And, while it’s always fun to find cute and stylish swimsuits for the kids, I’ve found that it's essential to dress them in suits that are comfortable, just incase a quick visit turns into a full-day of family fun. Those that provide some extra protection from the sun are also a plus. 

These are a few of my favorite brands for Atticus and Rosie. 

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