Now You Can Get Your Favorite Maternity Essentials For A Fraction Of The Cost

Now You Can Get Your Favorite Maternity Essentials For A Fraction Of The Cost
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Attention moms-to-be! Dressing your changing body is often a struggle and painful for your wallet, but have no fear— Target’s latest designer collaboration is with Ingrid & Isabel. And now, you can get the brand’s bestselling maternity essentials for a fraction of the cost! 

Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel features 120 stylish pieces, ranging from $10 to $40. And, many of the products are similar to bestsellers that were rocked by celebs like Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani when they were carrying. 

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A particularly beloved product is the Bellaband. It’s basically a cropped tube top for pregnant women to wear over their unbuttoned pants, without anyone finding out. A little back story: The Bellaband was born out of founder Ingrid Carney’s frustration as an expecting mom struggling to get dressed before a big corporate meeting. After unsuccessfully trying everything from safety pins to bandages to keep her pants in place, she finally came across a white tube top in her closet, folded it in half, and wore that over her growing belly. No one knew about the wardrobe malfunction happening underneath her blouse. 

“An hour and a half later, I’m in this meeting and all I could think was that nobody in here knows that my pants are completely unbuttoned and unzipped,” Carney tells InStyle. “And then I found myself wearing this band throughout my whole pregnancy.”

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Using her mommy’s group as her guinea pigs, in 2003 Carney created what pregnant women now know and love as the Bellaband. And from there, the company took off. The product quickly became the number-one selling maternity accessory on the market.

Now Ingrid & Isabel offers more seamless solutions, activewear, and full-on fashion. The brand’s fit, function, and style are reflected in the new Target partnership under which you’ll find everything from the Bellaband to low-back leggings and stylish llace dresses for every occasion.

Scroll down for the affordable versions of Ingrid & Isabel's four bestselling items.

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