7 Adorable Backpacks That Are Actually Diaper Bags

7 Adorable Backpacks That Are Actually Diaper Bags

You have the sweet new onesies, clean baby bottles, and stacks of soft diapers. But there’s one thing missing: a practical yet stylish bag to hold all of your baby’s needs. Though the classic tote might be a chic option, a good old backpack is perfect for the Mary Poppins of moms (and dads!).

While an easily transportable, spacious, and organized backpack is ideal, we also never want to compromise our style. But searching for a diaper bag that checks all the boxes is not as easy as it might look, so we rounded up 7 functional backpacks that are so cute, no one will know they’re actually diaper bags. Whether you’re a first-time newbie or a veteran mommy, you’re bound to find a backpack you love.

Keep scrolling to find the best backpack for you and your baby. 

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