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Shop 5 Look-a-Likes for Kanye West's Favorite Couch 

Shop 5 Look-a-Likes for Kanye West's Favorite Couch 
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On March 30, Kanye West announced to the Twitterverse that he and wife Kim Kardashian had moved into their gut-renovated Hidden Hills mansion, with a snap of their amazing marble foyer. But the musician and design lover isn't done decorating quite yet. On April 2, the star (who recently visited the IKEA headquarters in Sweden to much speculation) took to Twitter to share his musings about finding the perfect furniture pieces for the house, along with some sketches.

He gave a huge shout-out to furniture designer Jean Royère who was one of the most influential forces in French design from the 1930s to 1970s. "Royère doesn't make a Polar Bear bed but the Polar Bear couch is my favorite piece of furniture we own," West tweeted. Royère's Polar Bear collection (or "Ours Polaire"), features the below curved, over-stuffed sofa and two armchairs. While it's no longer being produced, it came back into style in the 1990s and has been an auction hit ever since. 

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While the exact couch may bit a bit out of our price range (a rose-colored version sold at Philips for more than $275,000 at auction in 2014), we've found some similarly plush options so you can lounge like a Kardashian without spending like one.

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