Instagram Is Making Me Gain Weight—and These Famous Foodstagrammers Agree

Instagram Is Making Me Gain Weight—and These Famous Foodstagrammers Agree

Choosing a restaurant often has nothing to do with what I feel like eating. When my body could really use a salad, I find myself eating a veggie burger and fries. When I’m craving Thai food, I wind up at Pizza Beach. After eating a completely satisfying dinner, I still find myself ordering a double-decker ice cream cone with the works. And I’m doing it all for the ‘gram.

It’s not like I have a particularly active account or a ton of Instagram followers. But something about getting the perfect food photo in the right lighting gives me a thrill that posting a sunset never will. (Not to mention plenty more likes.)

While my foodstagram is great for my followers, my body is taking the hit. I definitely didn’t need that Nutella-filled doughnut after brunch, and I should have been eating my veggies instead of a bowl of noodles. But I rationalize my habits the way any millennial would: My feed looks great, and I can totally work off those extra calories at the gym tomorrow. But tomorrow turned into next week, and before I knew it, my go-to jeans were suddenly feeling pretty snug.

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I tried to reform my ways–subbing in homemade Buddha bowls for Drunken Noodles–but when I devote myself to eating healthy, my Instagram becomes inactive and my followers start to dwindle. I could either be proud of my flourishing account, or of my healthy diet, but I've found it impossible to do both. I couldn't help but wonder: How do you reconcile healthy eating with a craving for a decadent feed?

To find out, I contacted the women behind six popular food Instagram accounts to learn how they stay healthy while eating for the Insta. 

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