Moms, You're Going to Love This Aussie Brand for Your Baby's Nursery

Moms, You're Going to Love This Aussie Brand for Your Baby's Nursery

As a new mom with especially particular taste when it comes to accessorizing my home, I struggle with finding beautiful textiles for my baby that agree with my design sensibility which could be described as “mostly minimal but also not afraid to have fun,” or, as my husband likes to call it, “too picky.” But I can’t help it! So what if I don’t want my babe’s clothes to have cheesy slogans across the front or if she doesn’t have an exclusively pink wardrobe even though she’s a girl? (P.S. world, girls are allowed to wear blue too). I like what I like and one of my latest obsessions is the “tiny” line from Kip & Co which just became available in the U.S. this month.

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A little backstory: the company was started in Australia by three besties (Kate Heppell, Hayley Pannekoecke, and Alex van der Sluys) in 2012. They initially started offering bold, color-rich bedding that was the antithesis of the minimalist, white-on-white sheets that dominate the bedding market. They’ve since expanded their line to include towels, rugs, and poufs, and eventually literally scaled down their adult-sized products to make them appropriate for kids and even babies which is awesome because now I have a new go-to resource for swaddle blankets, regular blankets, towels, sheets and more.

Click through for some my favorite pieces from the collection.

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