Margherita Missoni's Collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids Is the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

Margherita Missoni's Collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids Is the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen
Courtesy of Margherita Missoni

As the heiress to the legendary Missoni fashion house, Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos is no stranger to color and pattern (zigzags, specifically). After launching a childrenswear line, Margherita Kids, two years ago, the Italian mother-of-two is now branching out with a home collection for Pottery Barn Kids. "I think it's a natural progression, from dressing myself and my children, to dressing the home," she says.

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Barn Kids features 50 vibrant pieces for the nursery, bedroom, and playroom that are meant to be mixed and matched. Of course, a prominent motif throughout the collection is the daisy—Amos's namesake flower—in a gender-neutral color palette of white and yellow, along with other personal touches, like a throw pillow emblazoned with "piccola mia" (translation: my baby) as a nod to her heritage.

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Read on for a Q&A with Amos, and scroll down to shop our favorite pieces from the collaboration.

Margherita Missoni for Pottery Barn Kids
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

What was your goal in designing this collection?
I wanted to create pieces that encourage self-expression and inspire children to explore their individuality. The capsule is playful—it's something that both parents and children will love and cherish.

How did the Missoni brand inspire the collection?
Growing up as a Missoni, from an early age, I developed an eye for color and texture and mixing and matching. That's definitely been very influential on my personal style. In a larger sense, I suppose that's why I have such a love of playing with patterns, using lots of color, and incorporating a variety of motifs in my designs.

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Did you get creative input from anyone in your family?
Designing this collection has been a very personal journey. I think my experiences as a mother have greatly influenced the design process, so perhaps I need credit my sons! I strongly believe that it's important for children to be surrounded by furniture that's both approachable and functional, meaning size-appropriate.

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