Mandy Moore Launches a Home Décor Collaboration with Shutterfly and It's So Cute

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Many people go to Shutterfly for their various picture needs, such as holiday cards or photo albums, but don't realize the site is actually a huge destination for home décor goods. Be it canvas prints, throw blankets, champagne flutes, or placemats, there are endless options to choose from, and most of it is completely customizable. Who knew?!

This Is Us star Mandy Moore recently partnered with the brand to create her own collection of home accent items, and we're pretty impressed. The line features throw pillows, a comfy blanket, wine glasses, and coasters, among other decorative pieces. We got the chance to chat with the actress about the design process, her inspiration, and her favorites. Read below to see what she had to say.

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Courtesy of Shutterfly

One of the first things Moore told us was that she's been renovating and redecorating her home for the past six months. So, when Shutterfly approached her, it couldn't have been better timing. Because she's been so immersed in that process, much of the collection inspiration comes from her own home design. "I’m doing terrazzo floors," she told us, "so terrazzo is something that’s really on my brain right now. I love the different colors and experimenting with the different sizes of the aggregate." One of our favorite pieces of the collection, the colorful acrylic serving tray (above), is terrazzo-inspired, so now we know where that idea came from!

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Another item we were interested in was the glass coasters (below), and we were curious to know where the phrase "Golly Goops" came from. "'Golly Goops' is a phrase that I grew up hearing my dad say that we sort of picked up," she explained. "He’d use it instead of cursing in front of us kids and it’s just this goofy phrase now that I have incorporated. I say it all the time."

Courtesy of Shutterfly

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Moore is also known for being a huge animal lover, so she wanted certain pieces of the collection to be practical enough for her furry family members. "I had been dying to find a cool, cozy blanket—I have four animals. Being able to design and put together this sort of rickrack-y, geometric print in black and white, I was like, ‘I want that for my couch!’”

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Of the overall design process, she couldn't stop gushing about her experience. "I loved that I was kind of given the free reign to sort of piece together whatever made sense to me." Her favorite part? "Figuring out the cohesive nature of things, although it’s pretty eclectic and kind of varied." We like your style, Mandy.

Courtesy of Shutterfly

The full collection is available at starting today, July 18.


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