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How to Put Together a Gorgeous Spring Bouquet, According to The Bouqs Co.

How to Put Together a Gorgeous Spring Bouquet, According to The Bouqs Co.
Courtesy of The Bouqs
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Despite some unseasonably chilly temps on the East Coast, spring blooms are popping up everywhere, from our local bodegas to the branches of cherry blossom and crabapple trees. We think it’s time to take advantage of this April bounty, even if we’re still wearing our puffy coats. Below, Eric Buterbaugh, florist to the stars and chief floral designer of popular L.A.-based floral shop The Bouqs Co., gives us three ideas for gorgeous arrangements that will brighten up any space. Don't have a green thumb? You can shop the same bouquets at Buterbaugh's shop.

Love Dove Bouquet

Courtesy of The Bouqs

“The white roses and lilies in this bouquet complement each other well, and the lilies add just the right amount of greenery,” says Buterbaugh. “After you’ve cut the stems at a diagonal, arrange them by starting with a fully opened lily for the center. Then add a rose, then a lily again, and so forth. At the end, strategically sprinkle white veronica and ruscus (the icicle-like flower and leafy green plant, respectively, shown above) so the bouquet is evenly coated.” Buterbaugh prefers taller vases to suit the height of lilies, and adds, “Line all the stems together and ensure they are the same length before placing them back in the vase—this will make a big difference in presentation!”

($40; thebouqs.com)

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Sunshine Twins Bouquet

Courtesy of The Bouqs

“My favorite thing about lilies is that you can literally watch them open in front of you—they really scream springtime,” says Buterbaugh. “I prefer to keep them as a solid color or the same color palette. Combining orange and yellow lilies is a great choice. Be sure to evenly arrange those that have opened with those in bud form, as the greenery scattered throughout will look best and help them to open in succession.” Additionally, Buterbaugh advises, “Ensure they have even access to light, and make sure to remove any excess leaves below the water line as they can transfer bacteria to the water and decrease how long the flowers last.”

($50; thebouqs.com)

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Sooo In Bouquet

Courtesy of The Bouqs

“I chose my favorite shades to create this beautiful tulip arrangement,” says Buterbaugh. “Tulips have a mind of their own and tend to droop when cut. If you’d like to keep them more upright, pack them tightly enough together in a high-necked vase, or gather some of them loosely with a rubber band one-third of the way up and place them in the center of the vase. Make sure to trim the stems on a diagonal each day, change the water, and keep in a cool place for the longest life,” Buterbaugh suggests.

($50; thebouqs.com)

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