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How to Find the Right Flowers for Your Astrological Sign

How to Find the Right Flowers for Your Astrological Sign

We’ve discovered a new way to buy flowers that we think will be of interest to astrology aficionados and dabblers alike. Frederique’s Choice, a flower company founded by Dutch supermodel Frederique van der Wal, creates and sells bouquets specifically designed for individual astrological signs. "We can enhance the way we live with flowers," says van der Wal. "Being in touch with nature is scientifically proven to elevate your mood. Flowers can bring joy, happiness, peace, and relaxation from stress. Different colors affect us differently: some are calming, and some make you more active and focused."

Van der Wal, who sells the horoscope bouquets based on each month's corresponding sign ($80; frederiqueschoice.com), gives us the scoop on what blooms are best for every astrological symbol.

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