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Go Inside Tyra Banks's Immaculate Closet (and Get Some Tips from Her Organizing Pro)

Go Inside Tyra Banks's Immaculate Closet (and Get Some Tips from Her Organizing Pro)
Erik Asla

For years, Lisa Adams has made her mark as the go-to organizing guru to anyone in the market for a closet overhaul. Favored especially amongst celebrities—Fergie, Khloe Kardashian, and Jaime King are just a few of the clients on her vast roster of famous namesAdams specializes in taking any space, big or small, and transforming it into a dressing room haven. That means that it is as uncluttered and beautiful to look at as it is highly functional. 

Tyra Banks, host of the long-running TV show America’s Next Top Model and founder of the beauty brand TYRA Beauty, is the latest high-profile celeb to have received the Lisa Adams treatment. As her southern California home was newly constructed, the closet didn’t quite exist yet, so together they curated a space that was completely appropriate for Banks, considering her decor style, habits, inventory, and process of getting ready. “Lisa worked with me to design the closet from the ground up,” says Banks. “She took into account how I get ready and everything was tailored to that process.” 

The result is a completely streamlined space with a boutique feel. “Nothing is in the way and everything has its place which makes it a breeze to get ready in the morning,” says Banks, who was surprised that a closet could be so exciting. “I never knew that I could have a closet that not only looked great, but integrates well with my lifestyle,” she says. The best part? “I don’t waste time searching for what I need.” 

Scroll down for more details of Banks’s closet below. 

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