This $85 Million Mansion Inspired The Great Gatsby—and It’s on the Market

This $85 Million Mansion Inspired <em>The Great Gatsby</em>—and It’s on the Market

If you’ve ever wanted to live like Jay Gatsby, now is your shot. The colossal Long Island mansion that inspired Baz Luhrmann’s set design for 2013's The Great Gatsby is on the market for a cool $85 million.

According to Trulia, the 14,551-square-foot, 18-bedroom complex is situated on 7.7 acres of land in Kings Point, about 25 miles from New York City. And while the property boasts water views of Manhattan, the gorgeously landscaped lawns will make you forget you’re anywhere near the hustle and bustle of city life.

The mansion was built in 1928, a few years after Gatsby’s fictional parties were taking place on the “West Egg,” known in real life as the North Shore of Long Island. But if those characters stepped into 2017, Daisy Buchanan would certainly be impressed by the parties at this place.

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The estate boasts an outdoor pool with a water slide and swim-up bars, lazy river, a tennis court, Japanese-English gardens, and koi ponds. Plus, there’s a private dock that has enough room to tie up your 200-foot yacht.

When all of your friends hop off your boat, they can stay at one of two separate guesthouses. But just because they’re staying in a guesthouse, your visitors won’t be any less comfortable. The houses boast indoor pools, a bowling alley, a casino, and a shooting range for all of their entertainment needs.

While they’re off bowling strikes, you can relax at home with your personal hair salon and wine-tasting room. It’s no wonder Gatsby was such a recluse—with these amenities, there’s no need to ever leave.

Keep scrolling for photos of the estate that will make your one-bedroom apartment feel even smaller.

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