Take a Wander Through the Famed $7.4 Million Bachelor Mansion

Take a Wander Through the Famed $7.4 Million <em>Bachelor</em> Mansion
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Eleven Bachelors and Bachelorettes have stood in front of the famous Bachelor Mansion and met their future fiancé—and some their future spouse. We all know what the entryway looks like (and that it's always wet), and have gotten glimpses of the interior and pool throughout episodes of the show, but now, we finally have the full picture.

Thanks to Trulia, we can all take an inside look at the mansion, the living room, expansive kitchen, large dining room, and of course that amazing pool. Since 2006, contestants have called the 7,590 square-foot mansion home, for a few weeks at least. Complete with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, we're sure many of The Bachelorette contestants didn't have too much of an issue sharing the space, but the same just cannot be assumed for the girls competing for The Bachelor's heart—20 girls to six bedrooms and nine bathrooms can get tricky, especially when said girls have to look perfect every single day.

VIDEO: Inside the Bachelor Mansion


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The $7.4 million home sits on 9.3 acres of land in Agoura Hills, California and boasts gorgeous views of the Malibu Canyons.

Scroll down to take a better look at the home. Oh, the things these walls must have seen ...

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