6 Summer Entertaining Tips You Can Actually Use

6 Summer Entertaining Tips You Can Actually Use

Believe it or not, we’re creeping into the final weeks of summer, which means it’s time to actually follow through on all those warm-weather soirées we promised we’d plan. If this sounds daunting to you, fear not—we chatted with Monelle Totah and Gary McNatton, co-founders of San Francisco-based entertaining retail company Hudson Grace

Hudson Grace, which has five brick-and-mortar stores throughout California, a pop-up in the Hamptons, and an online shop, is known for its simple linens, oversize serving ware, and vintage flatware, which has attracted A-list celeb clients like Ellen DeGeneres, Diane Keaton, and Beyoncé. Read on below for flawless summer entertaining tips from Totah and McNatton.

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