We're So Jealous Of This Two Year Old's Birthday Party 

We're <em>So</em> Jealous Of This Two Year Old's Birthday Party 
Paige Nicolle

Why don't our parties look like this? 

For most of us, throwing a birthday bash for a two year old involves a few balloons, streamers and a cute cake. But when you are a bonafide mommy blogger like Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies, you are going all out for your special toddler. Just recently, Parcell curated a gorgeous event to ring in her daughter Isla Rose’s second year of birth and all we can say is, we’re stealing all of her ideas for every birthday, mother’s day, and wedding celebration of ours hereafter. 

VIDEO: This Little Girl Had An Epic Costco-Themed Birthday Party


Of course Parcell's Utah home is the perfect backdrop to create one photogenic event, with it's floor to ceiling windows, spacious layout and creamy white walls. And even if ours isn't, we're at least going to try to create something spectacular. 

Read on to get the blogger's tips on how she threw this fabulous shindig together, including how she pulled off that impressive balloon arch. 


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